Authentic, simple recipes since 1862.
At the newly-opened Piazza Roma restaurant in Milan, Tuscan dishes from the historic Pace restaurant embrace the flavours of traditional Roman recipes.

At its helm, Mauro and Fabrizio have made a promise to carry on the traditions of the Bellandi family, offering the same hospitality and love for the good food of the past that the historic Pace Restaurant in Via Washington is known for.

Confirming the excellence of Italian cuisine, Piazza Roma offers the most beloved dishes from Rome, Milan and Tuscany: simple recipes, with decisive flavour and attention to every detail.

Here at Piazza Roma, tastefully satisfying different palates is viewed as an exciting challenge.

We begin by selecting the finest ingredients, used to prepare authentic recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation, since 1862.

Quintessentially Roman pasta dishes, such as Cacio e Pepe, Gricia and Carbonara, are joined by flavourful lombardian Risottos, delicate seafood courses, and historic menu items such as Fiorentina and Tagliata steak, without forgetting pasta and homemade desserts.

The restaurant is a step back in time to the Rome of La Dolce Vita, surrounded by the film icons of the Sixties. In this warm, welcoming atmosphere, the genuine joy of dining together comes from simple dishes and the nostalgic taste of cuisine that’s bursting with flavour.

That’s exactly how we imagined Piazza Roma, our classic Roman restaurant in Milan.






Primi Piatti

First Courses

Secondi Piatti di Terra

Second Courses Meat

Secondi Piatti di Mare

Second Courses Seafood

Primi Piatti




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Via Giorgio Washington, 74, 20146 Milano MI

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Metro M1 – stop: Wagner
Bus line 61 – stop:  Via Washington – Via Costanza

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Telefono: 02 468567 – 02 43983058
Email: prenotazioni@piazzaromamilano.it

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lunedì 12–15, 19–23
martedì 12–15, 19–23
mercoledì 12–15, 19–23
giovedì 12–15, 19–23
venerdì 12–15, 19–23
sabato 12–15, 19–23
domenica 12–15, 19–23